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Keep your home clean and clutter-free with these household hints and tips.

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Time-Saving Cleaning Tips

We have handy suggestions to help you efficiently clean your home, such as cleaning a room from top to bottom (dust settles downward) and making a cleaning apron. Keep reading to see these guidelines.

How to Clean Cooktops

Cooktops need routine cleaning, thanks to grease and other food splatters. There are different cleaning methods depending on your cooktop's surface -- so before you start scrubbing, read the following suggestions.

How to Clean Cookware and Servingware

Don't put off cleaning that goopy, stuck-on cheesy pan of lasagna. Find out about helpful tips and guidelines for cleaning all your cookware and servingware, from cast iron pans to crystal glasses.

How to Clean Large Kitchen Appliances

Don't let the task of cleaning large kitchen appliances overtake you. Keep up by giving all your appliances regular wipe-downs. Learn guidelines for cleaning dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, and more.

How to Clean Cookware

Good food, good company -- what more could you ask for? How about someone to clean up all those dirty pots and pans? Follow these guidelines for making your cookware cleanup easier.

How to Clean Servingware

There's nothing more daunting than facing a goopy, stuck-on cheesy pan of lasagna after a big Italian meal. Learn helpful guidelines for cleaning servingware, from everyday flatware to crystal glasses.

How to Clean Windows

Windows look best if they are cleaned on a regular basis -- at least twice a year on the inside and outside. Check out these tips for making your windows sparkle.

How to Maximize Storage Space

Everyone wishes they had a little more storage space in their home -- or maybe a lot more. In this section, we provide myriad tips on finding and using new storage space. Learn more.

How to Organize a Laundry Room

Though laundry space is often limited, simple planning can make wash days a more tolerable experience. You can create spaces to fold and hang your clothes. Learn how to organize a laundry room.

How to Organize a Garage

Garages almost always hold more than just our cars, so designing a versatile garage and workspace requires careful planning. Find tips and advice on organizing your garage.

How to Organize Your Closet

Three words -- "organizing your closet" -- might strike fear in a lot of people. But having a clean storage space doesn't have to be a complicated process. Learn how to organize your closet.

How to Organize Closet Accessories

Dividing space is important when it comes to organizing your closet, and different items require different boxes and containers. Learn more about the organizing accessories you can use to maximize your space.

Uses for Baking Soda: Cleaning Your Kitchen

Baking soda can safely tackle kitchen jobs above and beyond the legendary box at the back of the refrigerator. Learn more about how baking soda can play a role in the kitchen.

Uses for Baking Soda: Cleaning Your House

Baking soda can help even the most meticulous housekeeper with unwanted scuffs, smudges, and smells throughout the house. Learn more about how baking soda can be used around the house.

10 Uses for Baking Soda: Guidelines for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Want a cleaning product that lives up to the hype? One cleanser really can freshen your entire bathroom -- and it's probably already in your cabinet.

Uses for Salt: Cleaning Your Kitchen

Salt can help people who find the kitchen to be the most difficult room to keep clean. Salt can get out stains and make cleanup go faster. Learn how to clean your kitchen with salt.

Uses for Salt: Cleaning Your House

Salt can be a useful tool around the house. Salt is an extraordinary cleaning and deodorizing agent for your entire home. Learn more about how salt can help with numerous household projects.

Uses for Salt: Doing the Laundry

Salt is a super stain remover on clothing, helps maintain bright colors, and can even eliminate sticky spots on your iron. Learn about how salt can be used in the laundry room.

Uses for Salt: Outdoor Projects and Activities

Salt can be used many ways outside the home. It is an alternative to toxic chemicals for controlling weeds or pests in your yard and for maintenance projects. Learn what role salt can play outdoors.

Uses for Vinegar: Doing Laundry

Vinegar is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to pretreating stains, softening water, and boosting regular laundry detergents. It works particularly well on colored garments. Learn how vinegar helps with the laundry.

Uses for Vinegar: Cleaning Your House

Vinegar has astounding power over the surfaces in your home, acting as both a cleaning and deodorizing agent. Keep reading for helpful and surprising hints about how vinegar can be used to clean your home.

How to Organize Your Household Papers

This helpful article will give you eight basic rules for organizing your paperwork, plus a more detailed description of filing techniques that work.

How to Clean Natural Fabrics

Although modern appliances have removed much of the misery of doing laundry, someone still has to sort it, load the washer, etc. Read these cleaning suggestions for clothes that are made from natural fabrics.

How to Clean Synthetic Fabrics

Whatever happened to good ol' polyester? If all the different synthetic fabrics have you confused, read this article for tips and guidelines on how to clean many of the bunch.

How to Care for Your Clothes

Along with good laundering and mending techniques, your clothes will benefit from proper care and storage. Follow these guidelines on how to keep your clothes and shoes in good condition.