Lawn Care

Lawn care is important in maintaining a beautiful home. Learn everything you need to know about lawn care, from sprinklers to composting to planting a lawn.

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When should you use silt soil?

One of the chief benefits of using silt soil is that it’s able to be compacted easily. You can learn more about when you should use silt soil from reading this article.

When should you use hydroponics?

Hydroponics is an innovative plant-growing technique that doesn’t use soil. You can learn more about hydroponics from this article.

When should you use compost soil?

You can use compost in virtually any kind of garden and expect to see improved plant growth as a result. You can learn more about when to use compost soil from this article.

What is loam soil?

You can use a variety of soils in your garden. Learn more about why loam soil is the ideal medium for growing plants in this article.

What is chlorpyrifos?

Pesticides are used to eliminate a variety of agricultural and domestic pests. Learn more about organophosphates like chlorpyrifos in this article.

What is the least complex form of irrigation?

Surface irrigation is probably the least complex way to get water to your soil. You can learn more about surface irrigation from this article.

How does sub-surface irrigation work?

Sub-surface irrigation supplies water directly to the plants’ roots doing away with the issue of surface runoff. You can learn more about sub-surface irrigation from this article.

How does overhead irrigation work?

Overhead irrigation systems are especially effective for use on large areas of land. You can learn more about how an overhead irrigation system works from this article.

What chemical elements are needed for plant growth?

Certain chemical elements, including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, are needed by every plant. You can learn more about the chemical elements that are needed for plant growth from this article.

Should you bag your grass clippings?

Bagging grass clippings isn’t very eco-friendly; besides, there are several benefits to not bagging your grass clippings. You can learn more about whether you should bag your grass clippings from this article.

What are the eight major components to lawn maintenance?

Once you’ve picked out the right grass and soil for your lawn, you’ll need to know how to keep it looking its best. You can learn more about proper lawn maintenance from reading this article.

What basics do you need to know when caring for grass?

Once you have the basics figured out, designing and caring for a lush lawn isn’t all that complicated. You can learn about the basics of caring for grass from this article.

How do rotary lawn-mowers work?

As people began to move to the suburbs after World War II, they moved into homes with larger lawns, which needed the power of a rotary mower in order to be properly maintained. You can learn more about rotary mowers from this article.

Is it safe to mow your lawn?

Is it safe to mow your lawn? There are various aspects of lawn mowing to consider. Learn more about lawn-mower safety in this article.

Are zero-turn mowers more efficient than other mowers?

Choosing the right type of mower for your lawn can make all the difference to how efficiently you mow. Learn more about zero-turn mowers in this article.

Top 5 Tips for Greening Your Lawn

If you're keeping up with the green movement, you've probably spent some time around the house looking for ways to save energy and reduce waste. But greening your home doesn't stop at the front door. How many of these tips can you use in your yard?

How to Choose the Right Tractor Attachments

If you own a lawn and garden tractor, then you know how useful it is when you need to mow the grass. But by adding a few simple attachments to your tractor, you can accomplish practically anything.

How to Choose the Right Utility Tractor

Tractors aren't just for use on large farms and ranches. In fact, even if you only have a few acres to care for, a utility tractor might make your life a whole lot easier.

How to Choose the Right Lawnmower

If grass grows in your yard, sooner or later, you'll have to consider how to keep it trimmed and tidy. For those who don't mind a little manual labor, the answer is mowing it. How do you pick the best mower?

How Synchro-Steer Works

Understeering -- or plowing as it's commonly known -- on a riding lawn mower can cause some serious turf damage. If a tire loses contact with the ground, the phenomenon could go from annoying to dangerous in seconds. Luckily, the Synchro-Steer system allows you to control your speed and stay upright.

How Zero-turn Mowers Work

Have a big lawn, but hate the awkward maneuvering that comes with driving a regular riding lawn mower? Zero-turn mowers could make life easier. So how does a mower operate without a steering wheel?

How Lawn Mowers Work

For many homeowners, a well-kept yard is the ultimate goal. And one of the most important tools a good landscaper can use is the lawn mower. But do you push a reel mower, or do you ride in style?

10 Types of Soil and When to Use Each

Are your lilies lackluster? Your daffodils a disaster? If you water your plants and ensure that they get enough sunlight, your garden's soil could be to blame. There's a lot more to dirt than you might think.

10 Grasses for Your Yard

Choosing and maintaining a lawn can be a little like falling in love. Compatibility is key, and it's easy to get seduced by a lush, green grass. But that expanse of grass may be a little more high-maintenance than you bargained for.

Does fertilizer help or hurt my lawn?

Is too much of a good thing a bad thing? When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, yes. So what does the damage? And how can you make splendor from your grass?