Power Saws

By: Fix-It Club

A power saw, like thisgreat speed and strength when cutting.See more pictures of power & work tools.

Power saws can be intimidating at first, and they should be! Improperly used, they can do damage in a hurry. You should always observe the proper safety precautions. Once you make a few practice cuts, however, you'll soon become comfortable with it.

In the previews that follow, we'll introduce you to the different kinds of power saws. Each can be used for different purposes, and you'll be able to determine which saw is the right one for your project.


Power & Work Tools Image Gallery

Power & Work Tools Image Gallery

Read about these different kinds of power saws:

Circular Saw

This adaptable saw can switch blades to cut different materials, be adjusted to cut miters and pockets, and be mounted to work as a table saw.

Saber Saw

Also called a jigsaw, this power tool can make fine cuts and create complex shapes.

Reciprocal Saw

A larger version of the saber saw, this power tool has additional handles and speeds for greater control.


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