The encyclopedia of perennials helps you select and care for perennials. Learn all about your favorite perennials in the encyclopedia of perennials.


The popular musa, or banana plant, is neither a tree nor a palm but a perennial. It's bright green foliage grows quickly and can become quite large. Read about this green giant and how to care for it.

If you're looking for a way to add color to your garden year after year, you can't go wrong with bright asters. Learn more about this floral star in this article.

There are many ways to use perennials, including as borders, in gardens, in flower arrangements and as groundcover. Find out which perennials are popular in the West from this article.

The South’s climate makes it suitable for the planting of various perennial flowers. Learn which perennials thrive in the South from this article.

The Northeast might not be the easiest place to grow a flower garden, but there are still plenty of flower choices to add color to your yard. Find out more about the types of perennials that will grow well in the northeast in this article.

Plant camellias in a partially shaded area with rich, moist, acidic soil. Learn more about camellia care in this article.

Elephant ear plants lend an exotic touch to any setting.

Perennial Flowers Image Gallery

These blooming plants will dazzle you with color year after year. Sit back, smell the hibiscus and check out these photos of some of our favorite perennials.


Santolina has bright yellow flowers in summer atop its aromatic foliage of needlelike leaves. It loves the sun and is a great choice for edging, clipping or container gardening. Learn about this lovely sun-loving plant.

Chinese Fountain Grass

Chinese fountain grass is a beautiful perennial that looks particularly impressive in fall. In late summer and fall its stems, topped by cylindrical, purple-tinged bristles, arch over the deep green foliage. Learn about this interesting decorative grass.

Elephant's Ear

Elephant's ear is a tropical plant with large heart-shaped leaves and prominent veins. It does not flourish in cold and temperate climates, but in warm areas it is an evergreen. Learn about this perennial at HowStuffWorks.