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Washington Hawthorn Tree

Washington hawthorn tree is a showy fruit tree which resists fireblight and grows an abundance of red berries. Learn how to grow and use Washington hawthorn tree in your yard or garden.

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  • 10 Small Trees

    10 Small Trees

    Most trees out there have the ability to overpower your yard, your neighbor's yard, and maybe even the street. But they don't necessarily have to. There are some small trees that can fit perfectly in any space. See more »

  • How Bonsai Works

    How Bonsai Works

    Unlike model trains or dollhouses, bonsai is a living landscape. It's the vision of the bonsai artist applied to a tree, shrub or plant. See more »

  • Where does cork come from?

    Where does cork come from?

    We can find cork in just about any wine bottle. Have you ever wondered where the cork comes from and how is the cork made into a bottle stopper? Find out the answer to those questions in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

  • American Arborvitae Tree

    American Arborvitae Tree

    American arborvitae tree is an extremely slow-growing tree. It has scalelike, dark green leaves that turn brownish green in winter. Learn to use American arborvitae tree as a hedge, a windbreak, or a foundation plant. See more »

  • American Holly Tree

    American Holly Tree

    American holly comes in more than 1,000 varieties. With leaves like Christmas holly and red berries (on female plants), they are beautiful and attract birds throughout winter. See more »

  • American Linden

    American Linden

    American linden tree is the native eastern North American species of linden, also known as basswood. It is a stately, tall tree, growing to more than 100 feet. Learn about this tree. See more »

  • Amur Maple Tree

    Amur Maple Tree

    Amur maple is a small deciduous tree. The leaves, which turn scarlet in fall, are small for a maple, toothed, and have three main lobes. A good tree for small spaces. See more »

  • Bald Cypress Tree

    Bald Cypress Tree

    The bald cypress is strongly associated with the South but is hardy and adaptable to most of the country. It has a pyramidal shape with short green needles and fibrous bark. See more »

  • Beech, American

    Beech, American

    The American beech is a tall shade tree that can grow larger than 80 feet. Its leaves are green in summer and golden-bronze in fall. It has edible nuts. Learn about American beech tree. See more »

  • Bird's Nest Spruce

    Bird's Nest Spruce

    Bird's nest spruce, a small conifer, is a good choice for rock gardens. In this article, learn about planting, growing, propagating, and using bird's nest spruce. See more »

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