How to Install a Water Garden Pond

Installing Your Own Water Garden Pond

A water garden pond can be installed without the help of professionals.

Many people these days choose to install their own garden pools. If that's your choice, there are two main alternatives: flexible liners and prefabricated pools. Both are inexpensive and can be installed by two people in a single weekend. Concrete pools are more expensive and require greater skills: It is generally best to contact a professional landscaper for planning and construction.

The pool surface itself must be perfectly even (one edge can be a bit lower to allow rainwater to drain away). If your yard is on a slope, you may have to dig further down at the higher end or even shore up the lower one to obtain the desired effect. Use a level throughout the installation process to make sure your pool remains on the level.Installing a flexible liner is the easiest and least expensive process for the nonspecialist. Be sure to use a liner specifically designed for water gardens, not just any sheet of plastic. Currently, PVC liners are most popular; dark shades will give the most natural effect. The thicker your liner is, the longer it will last and the more it will cost. Since light degrades plastic, look for liners with enhanced UV protection, especially if your pond is a shallow one. Rubber liners are the most durable but also the most costly.

To calculate the proper size for your liner, measure the width and length of the planned pool at the widest points, add twice the pool's depth and then tack on an extra foot for overlap. For example, a pool 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet deep would require a liner 15 feet long (10. + (2 ( 2.) + 1.) and 11 feet wide (6. + (2 ( 2.) + 1.).

Keep reading to learn about installing a flexible liner for a water garden pond.

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