Growing Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Growing trees, shrubs and vines will beautify your home. Learn easy, basic tools to maintain healthy trees, shrubs and vines.

Money may not grow on trees. But moss does. How does this plant manage to carpet hard surfaces like rocks and sidewalks?

The reds and browns of falling leaves don’t have to be the only color in your yard in the fall. Learn more about plants that thrive as the weather cools in this article.

Whether you're an amateur gardener or an experienced horticulturalist, you can have a flourishing grapevine in your garden. Learn about how to grow grapes in this article.

Arborists are especially trained to know when, why and how to remove branches from trees. Find out if you should pay someone to trim your trees in this article.

Besides purchasing particularly resistant trees, you can take basic steps to increase the chance of your tree surviving the next storm that hits it. Learn how to protect your trees from wind and storms from this article.

Make sure that your hydrangea blooms again in the spring by learning how to prepare it for winter. Learn about how to prepare hydrangea for winter in this article.

You'd like to plant podocarpus, but don't know how. Learn how to plant podocarpus in this article.

You have some fruit trees that are in desperate need of pruning, and you're not sure how to prune fruit trees.

You'd like to go to the market and buy some fruit, but don't know how to pick ripe fruit.

While trees and shrubs can certainly create a living barrier within your yard, creatively placed vines can give you that feeling of privacy, your own personal retreat.

Trees are living, breathing things, and tree disease can take down even the mightiest oak or redwood. But how can you tell if your tree is sick and can recover, or if your tree is dead and past hope?

Ground covers and vines play unique roles in the garden. They can beautify, conceal and support -- sometimes all at once. Check out this article for tips on incorporating these wonderful plants into your garden.

Shade trees bring comfort to your yard on a hot, summer day, while evergreens give you year-round color and beauty. Get tips for planting and growing shade trees and evergreens.

Growing fruit is a surefire way to add touches of color and charm to your garden. Check out this article for advice on planning a fruit garden, growing berries, and growing fruit trees.

Flowering trees are excellent additions to smaller gardens. They bring beauty and shade to the landscape without taking up too much space. Learn about planting flowering trees in your garden.

Planting shrubs in your garden can add beauty and privacy to your landscape. A few easy steps can help your shrubs thrive. Learn tips to help you grow healthy and beautiful garden shrubs.

Planting a tree is not great way for the environment, it's also great for your property value. We'll show you how to pick out the right tree, plant it, and maintain it. Learn how.

Climbing plants are ideal for landscaping because you can effectively plan for and limit their size. Their eventual heights and widths are determined by the structures on which they are grown. Find out about vines.

With so many different kinds of fruit are available, it's hard to decide which to grow. We'll help your spring planting by giving you the gardening methods you need. Learn how to grow fruits.