Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Cutting-Edge Contemporary Bath

©Lori Carroll, ASID/Bill Lesch A custom cabinet with a mahogany radius front cradles a stainless-steel sink, and a black granite top was added to complete an elegant, contemporary piece of functional art..

An ordinary 36-foot powder room was transformed into a dramatic jewel of a space with an otherworldly contemporary design. To keep the room visually spacious, branched quartzite from Brazil was randomly placed as the flooring and as the wall accent.

This quartzite is a metamorphic sandstone formed by water and minerals traveling through the capillaries of the stone, creating a unique texture and veins, or dendrites, that appear as "branches" in the stone.

©2Lori Carroll, ASID/Bill Lesch Along the walls, branched quartzite stone from Brazil was chiseled for subtle visual movement.

Black granite tiles matching the vanity countertop were also used as flooring to unite all elements of the room. Both the wall stone and the mirror edge were randomly chiseled to create a sense of visual movement.

For even more drama, a combination of metallic finishes was applied to the walls, imparting a subtle, gleaming luster.

©Lori Carroll, ASID/Bill Lesch Repeating the rhythm established by the chiseled title, the mirror was cut and set into a mahogany wood frame. A 1.5-inch gap between the wall and mirror encloses an incandescent rope lighting, creating extra drama and interest.

Tiny pendant lights dangle like silver jewelry before the mirror, echoing the sparkle of the stainless-steel sink. This bath is proof you don't need a big space, just a big design concept!

The color scheme of a space is just as important as its edges and curves. Continue to the next page to find out how color can make a bathroom design really pop.

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