Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Color Explosion Bath

©Kohler Slightly larger floor tiles and wall paint, all in the same shade of deep blue, create a cocoon-like ambiance.

Fields of strong color played against bright white fixtures is a foolproof recipe for an exciting contemporary space. If your budget is limited, you can make a memorable statement just by painting the walls in one or two of your favorite vivid colors.

For the most striking look, choose two widely different colors, such as royal blue and lime; for a more subtle sense of depth, choose two adjacent colors like royal blue and violet or lime and leaf green.

Against such strong hues, even the simplest white fixtures gleam with fresh importance. If your budget allows, you can build up the look with installed materials that create pleasing variations on your color theme.

These two baths use tiles -- some solid-color mosaic, some a mottled mix of related tones -- to create depth and interest within a limited color range. Silvery chrome and glass are all you need to complete this artful, modern look.

The color scheme of a room's tiles and fixtures isn't the only way to play with color. Continue to the next page to find out how the subtle tones of nature outside a bathroom window can set the palette for a design.

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