Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Drawing from Nature

©Kitchens Wieland/Hub Willson A clear glass wall is all that separates the shower stall from the adjacent tub, providing a wonderfully framed woodland view for anyone in the shower.

If privacy isn't a problem on your property, why not treat your bath to the same scenic pleasures you give your living room? These homeowners added space from a nearby bedroom and closet to their small existing bath to create a new 31x9-foot bath worthy of its inspiring garden view.

The lovely view is made even more inspiring with wonderful framing. A half-round window as long as the soaking tub is a dramatic focal point, its pleasing demi-lune shape evoking the classic curve of Palladian windows but with much more dash.

©Kitchens Wieland/Hub Willson A huge semi-circular window with a black lining creates a simple but spectacular frame for a natural view.

To enhance the spacious effect, the room was given a cathedral ceiling by opening the original into the attic. For an added artistic touch, a band of contrasting-color tiles runs along the backsplash of the vanity and tub and defines an area of the floor.

©Kitchens Wieland/Hub Willson Quiet hues of ivory and pale taupe make a soothing contemporary bath. A custom mural in green and copper tiles enlivens the double-sink vanity.

Against the calm taupe ground, this green-and-copper band serves as a blithe reminder of nature's own color scheme just outside the window.

If your bathroom location isn't conducive to a natural theme, try using dramatic dimensions to draw the focus indoors. Learn how to use striking curves to define your bathroom space.

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