Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Clean Lines

©Trout Studios The sandstone creates a stripe effect that relieves the minimalist white walls and fixtures. The bowl-shape sink adds a distinctive touch without disrupting the minimalist serenity.

Minimalism makes a lot of sense in the bathroom. Its lack of physical clutter makes the room safer and easier to use and to clean, and the lack of visual clutter makes the space more serene.

In a minimalist bath, the limited number of elements and embellishments stands out all the more dramatically. Two baths in a California home, one a master bath and the other a powder room, express the same minimalist design aesthetic in different ways.

In the master bath, the design concept uses a variety of rectangular shapes, from the sinks to the medicine cabinet to the unobtrusive down lights mounted high on the sink wall.

©Trout Studios/Tom Bonner These medicine cabinets open in a T-shape configuration when the mirror panel is pivoted sideways, allowing access to the cabinet's contents and making use of the mirror.

In the powder room, round and oval shapes dominate the foreground, contrasting with rectangular forms in the background.

The plan is carefully thought out and just as meticulously executed, a necessity for success with a minimalist look.

Although minimalist styles involve simplicity, a basic design doesn't have to be devoid of color. Continue to the next page to find out how a green-and-white color scheme can create a beautiful yet simple bathroom design.

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