Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bright White

©Bathroom Works/Ideal Pale aqua and the creamy tones of naturally finished wood are a perennially popular color scheme that works especially well against pristine white fixtures.

While fixtures are available in virtually any color today, white is still the overwhelmingly preferred color. Some consumers will choose white fixtures even if they're installing very colorful permanent tiles as backgrounds, so the popularity of white fixtures isn't due solely to practicality.

One of the reasons white remains right in so many homeowners' minds is obviously that "white goes with everything." White fixtures look peaceful against pale blue walls today, brilliant against burgundy red ones tomorrow.

But even if you commit to a strongly colored wall in a permanent material, white fixtures still give you maximum leeway to change your scheme. The same pale blue plus white that looks young and fresh with lime green towels and accessories will appear sharply sophisticated with black towels and accessories.

Another reason white fixtures may be retaining their appeal is even more simple: Traditional or modern, the shapes of bath fixtures just stand out more interestingly in white!

A white space can also double as a canvas if you decide to redecorate. Check out the next page for tips on how to create a bathroom with the feeling of the great outdoors using original murals and forest scenes.

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