Bathroom Decorating Ideas

High Style

©Kohler A suite of gleaming black porcelain fixtures adds a dash of drama while the antique-looking rug and wood armchair provide an extra measure of comfort.

Original murals on canvas depicting scenes of the forest and sea pay homage to the great outdoors in this magnificent bathroom. Stained glass, cherry millwork, sophisticated black fixtures, and other artful elements also play starring roles in the richly embellished space.

Adjacent to the mirror above the pedestal sink, custom-designed stained glass depicts animals and oak leaves and is back-lit for added drama. (Custom stained glass is appearing in more baths of all sizes as an artful alternative to window coverings.)

The shower wall features hand-glazed putty-colored tiles repeating the theme of woodland animals and oak leaves. Custom-designed cherry wood millwork used throughout the bath is all stained to match a woodgrain vinyl floor installed on the diagonal.

©Kohler Custom-painted murals depicting forest and seagoing themes raise this bathroom's look to an aristocratic level.

If you're on a budget but your heart is set on a custom mural, consult a nearby art school; if the historical look of murals is what you're after, wall-covering versions are also available.

If you want to leave the mural behind but still create an overall theme, continue onto the next page to find out how one layer of lacquer can transform a bathroom into an Asian-influenced aesthetic.

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