Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Far East Bath

©Elaine Siegel Cinnabar makes this large double vanity an especially striking focal point. The vanity includes a shared upper cabinet with a frosted glass door reminiscent of classic Asian shoji screens.

A bath clearly inspired by the timeless Chinese aesthetic is dramatic, restrained, exciting, and simple -- all at the same time. Cinnabar, the rich red color of Chinese lacquer, takes center stage on a masterfully designed vanity and is balanced by strong planes of black and white throughout the room.

One design element that contributes to the solid sense of dignity in this space is a series of grids: small on the authentic Asian shoji screen, mid-size on the cabinet's mullions, and large on the floor tiles and transom-height windows.

©Elaine Siegel An assortment of Chinese artifacts brings out additional accent colors of jade and celadon green as well as adding an elegant extra touch to underscore the room's theme.

Contrasting this rather austere geometry, Chinese scenes of nature and a vase filled with exuberant sprays of white orchids create a soothing balance.

©Elaine Siegel Even small details are handled perfectly to create a special ambiance in this bathroom: carved bun feet in ebony give the vanity a freestanding-furniture look.

Where a Western modern design based on red, white, and black would most likely be a sharper look, this design reveals its Asian sensibilities with a richer, more subtle color scheme that also includes a floor interestingly mottled in blues and greens and a variety of jade green accents.

Another way to accent a bathroom is by using geometric designs and patterns. Continue to the next page to to learn how these can drastically "shape" your bathroom decor.

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