Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Using Patterns

©Trout Studios Angled showers are often inherently dramatic, but this one is a cut above the rest. The meticulous decorative tile pattern on the floor appears on a smaller scale in the shower.

This masterful master bath indulges its owner's love affair with strong geometric patterns. A riot of stripes, triangles, and related shapes are combined and repeated in a dizzying array that creates the optical illusion of physical dimension on a flat plane and movement in an architectural space.

The overall effect is not jarring, however, just tremendously energizing. The design, while fearless, stays within the bounds of comfort thanks to a soothing color scheme of neutrals: gold, brown, taupe-gray, white, and black.

This strategy makes sense regardless of how opulent your bath plan may be. Of course, it doesn't hurt if you can manage a floor made of no less than five different kinds of marble, a show-stopping shower stall, and a vanity as handsome and dramatic as a piece of drawing room furniture.

But even if you can't quite muster these extraordinary elements, you can still aim for a winning look of restrained richness and focused energy.

Patterns can be modern or traditional, making them part of the "transitional" style of decorating. Continue on to the next page for more on transitional styles and why they make such ideal designs for bathroom decorating.

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