Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Simple and Elegant Bath
Modern light fixtures are suitable for the room's clean-lined minimalist decor.

Texture overrules ornamentation in this simple and elegant bathroom. The smooth grain of the bath's wood cabinets and the frosted-glass shower enclosure have a natural drama that doesn't require excessive fixtures.

The large-size floor tiles also interject interest with their restful and subdued mixture of colors. Smoky gray and beige, like pebbles washed ashore, the tiles have a serene character evocative of leisurely strolls along a beach.

Continuing the hazy-hued tiles as a tub surround lends a woodland feel to the bathing area. Resting in the warm water, a bather can lean back and see the treetops through the high windows in the bathing area that let in the light while preserving privacy.

Towels in the same neutral color family as the walls blend with the setting.

To safeguard the feeling of harmony, clutter is not allowed. Instead, the bath is equipped with plenty of storage that also acts as part of the design.

The bath's quiet mood also stems from the comforting, neutral shade of the walls and the ceiling. Closely identified today with Asian styles of decorating, the pale colors are thought to give the mind time to dream and relax.

Two grooming areas, each arranged with a mirror, allow a couple to share the space without battling for elbow room. The vanity area, though, includes a small magnifying mirror that makes it even more beneficial during daily grooming.

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