Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Clean Lines

©Square One Interiors A glass shower enclosure can make a bath appear larger than it actually is.

A careful choreography of color and sparkly glass lends a West Coast bath a light-filled and spacious air. Monochromatic walls expand the perimeters, while blonde wood cabinetry provides storage for any number of sundries, keeping the room neat at all times.

In such tight spaces, textures and tone assume more importance and become a special design challenge. The earth-toned tiles -- reminiscent of colors in the surrounding landscape -- link the room to its setting and do their part to make the bath visually appear larger, too.

Continuing the flooring material into the shower area without a break is a well-known technique designers often use to create a feeling of greater space. Atop the cement counter, a pair of vessel sinks add some light of their own.

©Square One Interiors This chic glass-and-metal console softens the minimal decor.

And although not secluded, the toilet area assumes privacy by being shielded in its own niche. In the end, the effect is clean, open, and easy to maintain.

If you have an older house, you might want to consider an elegant, Victorian-style bathroom. Get inspired by our decorating ideas in the next section of this article.

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