Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Romantic Decor

©FSC Wallcoverings The vanity, a spectacular inlaid chest, holds a sink bowl that rests completely on top of the vanity surface.

A powder room is the perfect place to indulge your fantasies about long-ago times or faraway places. In spaces this small, great ideas can often be rendered without breaking the bank.

An inventive example is the gold-and-cobalt-blue powder room designed like a miniature version of a 19th-century library. The window treatment (lined fabric with the look of Italian endpapers), the strongbox side table, and the library ladder all reinforce the literary look.

The ivory-and-taupe powder room conveys the quiet elegance of aristocratic, ancient China. Whatever locale or era you'd like to recall in your powder room, do some research first. Get the color scheme down right with materials appropriate to the look you're seeking.

Choose accessories with care to reinforce the style, and use just enough of them to make your design statement, no more. After all, what your guests want most in a powder room are proper function and scrupulous cleanness.

Romantic themes are also incorporated in French Provincial decor. Learn which details make for a perfect French-styled bath on the next page.

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