Home Improvement Tools

Any home improvement endeavor will be simpler with good home improvement tools and materials. Become familiar with home improvement tools and materials.

There are many different types of screws and screwdrivers, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Learn about the Phillips head screwdriver in this article.

If you don’t use the right screwdriver for the job, you’ll strip the head of the screw and have a hard time pulling the screw out. Find out what the difference is between a Phillips head screwdriver and posidrive in this article.

You need to check your torque wrench periodically to make sure that its reading is accurate. Learn about the best way to perform a torque wrench calibration from this article.

Sandpaper is measured by its grit size, or number of sharp particles per square inch. Learn about the difference between the different grits of sandpaper from this article.

Polyurethane adhesives are able to bond materials in a way that is strong, durable and flexible. Learn about some uses for polyurethane adhesives from this article.

There are a variety of adhesive materials available for professional craftsmen, home repairs and do-it-yourself projects. Learn about some uses for contact cement in this article.

Steel wool is made of aluminum, bronze or steel wires. Learn what steel wool is made of from this article.

Vise-grip pliers are a type of hand tool that lock on to whatever you need to pull or twist. Learn what types of repairs require vise-grip pliers in this article.

Crescent wrenches got their name from the Crescent Tool Company. Learn about the four basic types of crescent wrench in this article.

Crescent wrenches can be useful for cars and bikes. Learn what a crescent wrench is used for in this article.

A heat gun is a power tool that blows hot air. This article will teach you about heat guns.

As the original wrench, the monkey wrench works for your basic wrench needs. Learn about the monkey wrench from this article.

Rotary drill presses are commonly used for woodworking and metalworking projects. Learn about rotary drill presses from this article.

A spanner wrench is a tool that provides a grip for tightening or loosening a fastener containing pins or tabs around its circumference. Learn more about spanner wrenches from this article.

Since channel lock pliers can be used as pliers, wrenches or clamps, they're versatile tools to have around the house. Learn about some repairs that require channel lock pliers from this article.

Slip-joint pliers are versatile tools that are used for gripping and bending hardware. Learn more about some repairs that require slip-joint pliers from this article.

Liquid sandpaper is a chemical solution that removes the glossy layer from a painted item, enabling you to paint over the object without the paint dripping off. Learn more about some uses for liquid sandpaper from this article.

Friendlier to the environment than a chain saw and more effective than a one-man crosscut saw, a two-man crosscut saw is a handy tool to have around if you live in a wooded or country area. Find out about the advantages of using a two-man crosscut saw from this article.

If you're drilling through hardened steel, you'll want to use a cobalt drill bit. Find out about the best drill bits for hardened steel in this article.

Hex cap screws are noted for the extra torque they provide. Learn what the dash marks on their heads mean in this article.

Hex head cap screws come in grades two, five, eight and nine. Learn about the different grades of hex cap screws from this article.

Machine screws are used to hold parts of machines together. Learn about the different types of machine screws in this article.

Roofing nails are important for roof installation, and several factors determine the kind you should choose. Learn about the different types of roofing nails from this article.

Drywall screws are classified according to length and pitch. Learn more about the different types of drywall screws from this article.

Maintaining a safe work environment includes keeping your chainsaw sharp. Learn about how to sharpen a chainsaw in this article.