How to Repair Wooden Furniture

Repairing wooden furniture is a process that can take many forms. There are numerous types of wooden furniture -- and accessories -- so the types of repairs are similarly varied.

The following article will provide details about making many of the most common repairs to wooden furniture, including those to chairs, doors, drawers, caning and mirror frames. Different techniques are needed for each type of fix. All wooden furniture has one thing in common, though: joints. Therefore, that's where we'll start.


A Guide to Furniture Joints

All furniture is put together in a series of joints, and structural problems often involve joint weakening or failure. Some joints are simple, some complicated; some types are stronger than others. The joints used in good wooden furniture are usually stronger than those in cheap pieces, but age and abuse can take their toll even when the original construction was good. To prevent more serious damage, all joints should be repaired as soon as possible when they loosen or separate.