Quiz: Do I Really Have to Wash This?

By: Alia Hoyt
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Quiz: Do I Really Have to Wash This?
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You know to clean toilets and wash dishes, but some things aren't as obviously in need of a good scrubdown. Take this quiz to find out how your cleaning skills stack up.
What should you do to ensure better-tasting coffee?
Wash the carafe after each use.
Decalcify the machine.
both of the above
If your morning cuppa joe isn't tasting too great, a dirty machine might be to blame. To the shock of many, the removable parts should be washed after every use, including the carafe. You should also use white vinegar or a specialized coffeemaker cleaning solution to remove hard-water minerals from your machine monthly.
How should you clean your toothbrush?
Rinse it after each use.
According the American Dental Association, it's not necessary to soak your brush in an antibacterial mouthwash. A simple rinse in warm water is good enough, followed by an air dry.
Soak it in antibacterial mouthwash.
Who cleans a toothbrush?
What's the first step in cleaning a remote control?
Get a toothpick to clean out the junk inside the buttons.
Remove the batteries.
Remote controls are havens for germs, crumbs, dead skin cells, hair and other nasty bits. First, take out the batteries and set aside. Then, use a dry toothbrush to dislodge gunk from around the buttons. Next, mist a clean cloth with a 50/50 mix of water and rubbing alcohol and wipe the whole thing down.
Don't bother. Just buy a new one.


What's a sign that your washing machine needs to be cleaned?
It smells bad.
Black spots show up on clothes.
both of the above
A stinky machine or black spots on clothes, thanks to limescale or soap scum, are both signals that your washing machine is less than clean. Fortunately, that's easy to fix. Just run a rinse or "clean washer" load using hot water and bleach to return it to a pristine state.
How often should you clean your garbage disposal?
once a week
once a month
No one wants their garbage disposal to smell like, well … garbage. Clean it once a week by tossing in a cut-up lemon to deodorize, as well as a few ice cubes and a couple of tablespoons of salt to tackle residue.
once a year
Should you wash your jeans?
Yes, they need to be sanitized.
No, you'll wreck the color and shape.
Yes, but not very often.
You're probably washing jeans more than is really necessary or good for the material. Once or twice a month is all they need, but feel free to spot clean as much as necessary. Or toss them in the dryer for a few minutes if they're losing their shape.


If Fido licks his dog dish clean, do you still need to wash it?
Even if your pooch polishes off every scrap of food, the bowl still needs to washed in hot soapy water once a day and dried. Otherwise bacteria will remain that could potentially sicken your pet. That goes for the water bowl too.
only if Fido was sick
After how many wears should the average bra be washed?
after every wear
after three wears
Although some bra-wearers swear by the old "sniff test," many lingerie experts advise the "rule of three," which recommends laundering after every three wears. Hand-washing is ideal, but if you must use a washing machine, put the bra in a lingerie bag and use the gentle cycle.
after seven wears
How often should you wash your pillow?
once a year
once a month, unless you use a protector
Pillows without protective cases should be washed once a month according to label instructions. If you use a pillow protector, you only need to wash the pillow twice a year.
Pillows weren't made to be washed.


True or False: Tennis shoes can be washed in the dishwasher.
True, just not at the same time as dishes.
False, the detergents are way too harsh.
Although it's technically possible, it's not the best idea to wash shoes in the dishwasher, since detergents are harsh and the high heat can cause plastic parts to melt! Instead, remove laces and insoles and run tennis shoes through the washing machine with a load of towels. Then, set them out to air dry, because the clothes dryer can affect their shape.
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