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Annual Flowers

The encyclopedia of annuals helps you identify a multitude of annuals. Learn the facts from the encyclopedia of annuals before planting your own garden.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses come in more than 100 varieties and have many functions in a well-designed garden. Learn how to grow and use ornamental grasses.

Just because the winter is coming doesn't mean that your geraniums will be lost. Learn about how to preserve geraniums in this article.

According to the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the pansy is most certainly not delicate. Learn more about pansies from this article.

You'd like to plant some petunias, but don't know how to care for them. Learn about how to care for petunias in this article.

Annual Flowers Image Gallery

Annuals are primed to germinate quickly when conditions are right, grow speedily, and then make loads of flowers, fruits, roots and seeds. Learn all about annual flowers by checking out this annual flower pictures image gallery. You may get some ideas.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern is an attractive plant with star-shaped flowers that turn into pretty red and purple berries. Learn how to grow the asparagus fern in the garden and as a house plant.

American Marigold

American marigold is the largest of the marigolds. Great height and large flowers add loads of glowing color to flower beds, containers, and borders. Read more about this popular annual.

French Marigold

French marigolds are among the most popular annuals in American gardens. They come in an array of glowing yellows, oranges, golden, and reds and are often multicolored. Read about these garden favorites.

Love Lies Bleeding

Love lies bleeding is a variety of Amaranthus with brightly colored ropes of flowers in red, white or bright green. They grow rapidly in hot weather with many colors and textures. Read more about this tropical foliage.

Snowstorm Bacopa

Snowstorm bacopa is a new annual in the U.S. It has hundreds of small white flowers on cascading stems and grows well in both sun and shade. Read more about this Proven Winner.

Rose balsam is an old-fashioned flower with narrow, elongated leaves and cup-shaped flowers of white, purple, pink, or red. Read how to grow, propagate, and use this widely adaptable and generously flowing annual.