Power tools make home improvement projects faster and less labor-intensive. Learn about major power tools, how to maintain them and power tool safety.

What type of drill bit do I need for metal?

Drill bits are made of different materials, and the type you need depends on the kind of job you need to do. Learn what type of drill bit you need for metal in this article.

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    10 Cool Tools

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  • 10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance

    10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance

    Power tools make home improvements, repairs and maintenance that much easier -- if they work properly. Are you giving your power tools the care and attention they need to last you a lifetime? See more »

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    Drills to Spills: Test Your Tool Safety Quiz

    Whether you're about to use a hand tool or power tool, there are many things to think about. What are you going to build? How are you going to design this piece? How long will it take you? What materials do you need before you get started? See more »

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    Handyman or Hapless? Do You Know What Tool to Use?

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  • How Blowtorches Work

    How Blowtorches Work

    Blowtorches aren't just for welders and plumbers. These fire-breathing machines can cut metal and brown creme brulee. See more »

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    How Chain Saws Work

    If you're a homeowner looking to clean up a few trees in the yard or cut some firewood, a chain saw will be a very handy tool. Get a good look at the inner workings of a chain saw. See more »

  • How does a new product go through the prototyping process?

    How does a new product go through the prototyping process?

    New products pop up on store shelves every day, but did you ever wonder what went into getting the latest and greatest invention slotted into place? Chances are there was a lengthy product evolution, most likely beginning with a prototype. See more »

  • How Jackhammers Work

    How Jackhammers Work

    You've probably been irritated by jackhammer noise at some point, but have you ever stopped to think about these marvels of concrete-busting power? Without them, demolition would be a whole lot more difficult. See more »

  • How Motion-Activated Screwdrivers Work

    How Motion-Activated Screwdrivers Work

    Humans love integrating tech into absolutely everything -- even screwdrivers. We've had power screwdrivers for a long time, but now, your tools can interpret your commands based solely on the position of your hand. See more »

  • How Nail Guns Work

    How Nail Guns Work

    If you've ever missed the nail and hit your thumb with a hammer, you understand the draw of a nail gun. And the raw power is a nice perk too. Some nail guns can launch nails at 1,400 feet per second. See more »

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