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Power Tools

Power tools make home improvement projects faster and less labor-intensive. Learn about major power tools, how to maintain them and power tool safety.

What kind of drill bits do I need for wood?

Woodwork requires special drill bits for hard and soft wood. Learn what kind of drill bits you need for wood in this article.

How Jackhammers Work

Jackhammers offer incredible power when it comes to breaking down hard substances. Find out how these demolition marvels work. See more »

How Motion-Activated Screwdrivers Work

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Cordless Drill Pictures

Drills have a big job to do in a small amount of space. Find out how this handy tool gets its powerful punch in this image gallery. See more »

Construction work requires power tools that can do the heavy-duty work as quickly and easily as possible. Learn what type of nail gun is best to install floor studs in this article. See more »

Metric drill bits are regular bits that are measured using the metric system. Use this article to learn about which drills use metric bits. See more »

To cut concrete with a circular saw, you need an abrasive blade. Learn about the best type of blade for sawing concrete in this article. See more »

You need a circular saw blade with fine teeth to cut through laminate countertops. Learn how to choose the right circular saw blade for cutting laminate kitchen countertops. See more »

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A heat gun is a power tool that blows hot air. This article will teach you about heat guns. See more »