Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Garden District Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Travis Manning Diamonds, hand-painted on the wall and sewn into a luxurious quilt, create a subtly dynamic feeling. Designer: Diane Holdren, Holdren’s Interiors, Inc.

A charming take on garden style, this room owes a bit of inspiration to the French-infused look of New Orleans or Savannah.

While many garden schemes for girls use more obvious ice cream tints, this room's chic color scheme is grounded in subtle sage and celery greens. These go-with-everything tints appeal to more sophisticated tastes and look great with periwinkle and mauve.

The real stars of the room, however, are the wonderful hand-painted images that embellish walls, trim and even the bed's headboard. They're whimsical without being too sweet, so they won't be outgrown too quickly.

Travis Manning Wonderful hand-painted garden designs give a large door great visual interest. An iron birdbath lamp continues the garden theme.

Against this background, pale furniture with hand-painted garden accents really shine. A few amusing accents, such as lengths of white picket fence, complete a garden space with perennial appeal.

Staying in the past but moving westward, the decorating idea on the next page takes on a frontier theme.

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