Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Crayon Box Colors Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Spaceships decorate these bed linens, but you can find the same rich blue on a host of patterns. Stylist: Amy Leonard. Manufacturer: The Glidden Company.

When your vision for a room is bigger than your budget, reach for a can of paint. It delivers the fastest, biggest change for the smallest investment, and your choices are unlimited.

A slatted table and chairs create a parklike feeling that’s enhanced by the cheerful Kelly green hue.

Changing the wall color will have a great impact just by itself, but why stop there? Unite an array of unmatched furniture pieces by using paint colors that harmonize with the walls, and you'll have a pulled-together look without breaking the bank.

In this room, pale blue walls visually expand the space; rich blue and green furniture blends in and preserves the room's visual flow.

Against this cool blue and green background, hot red and yellow accents really pop. What kid wouldn't love it?

Being cool is fun, but it's important to think about substance, too. The next page shows how a decorating idea can stimulate your child's development.

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