Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Room to Grow Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

D. Randolph Folds A simple slatted bed and a cushy full-size armchair plus ottoman give this room comfort to spare. Designer: Connie Thompson, INTERIORS by Decorating Den.

­A room furnished only with a computer desk and a dresser was begging for romantic additions to make it a pretty nest for a young girl.

D. Randolph Folds A mix of raspberry stripes, yellow checks, and pink-and-yellow parrot tulip fabrics creates a cheerful, feminine look the occupant won’t outgrow.

With the purely practical furniture already in place, the homeowner's attention turned to creating a breezy garden-inspired getaway. While this room isn't skimpy, the design

devices used here would work miracles in

any small room.

Sky blue walls give the room an airy feeling that's enhanced by the graceful tall window on one wall. A wonderful trompe l'oeil garden mural visually expands the room even further. Incredibly, the mural isn't an expensive hand-painted one; it's actually wallpaper.

The space-expanding approach extends to the floor with the use of an eye-catching rug laid on a diagonal. The result is a cool, comfortable space that can go the distance.

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