Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Components of Fun Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Tom Bonner Intensely colorful bed linens and imaginative artwork give this soothing, neutral room a jolt of excitement. Designer: Alla Kazovsky. Manufacturer: Kids’ Studio.

Fun, flexible, free-spirited and fuss-free: That's all the best of modern style, and it's all here.

Tom Bonner This combination drawer and open shelf storage unit maximizes space.

This room for a young boy is hard-working and great-looking, too. Rather than focusing on one theme, this room lets its young occupent keep all his favorite treasures around, from superheroes to dinosaurs to trains.

What helps keep the room from looking too cluttered is storage -- and lots of it. Open storage is a smart solution, and, in this room, it's also an attractive one.

Furniture is smooth Finnish birch plywood, but the principles could be applied to virtually any material, from unpeeled cedar logs to laminate. What's key is the focus on providing kids with just what they need for sleep, study, storage, self-expression -- and good old-fashioned play.

Girls might prefer a delicate, romantic look, like that in the decorating idea found on the next page.

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