Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

That Sporting Life Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Handsome traditional furniture doesn’t look fussy in this lively room. A rich blue background and fun accessories give a vibrant feeling. Retailer: Bombay Kids.

If you've got a youngster who's an avid sports fan or active player, you can't miss with a room designed around his or her athletic passions.

Any young player or fan would warm up to a sports-embellished quilt set like this one. Retailer: Bombay Kids.

Sports themes have always been popular for boys, and the classic look of these rooms, done up in neutrals and primary hues, shows the timeless versatility of this approach.

These days, however, you can also find sportif ensembles for girls in feminine aqua and lilac as well as the usual gray, blue, tan and red. If your youngster isn't set on particular colors, consider adopting the two-color scheme of a professional or college team your family follows.

Unlike many other youthful enthusiasms, a love of sports may last, and you'll have yourself a winning formula for decorating.

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