Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Old World Enchantment Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Greg Page In this comfortable room, the bed becomes a lovely focal point with a graceful swag suggesting a canopy. Designer: Alan Nugent, INTERIORS by Decorating Den.

The young girl who lives here loves pink and yellow, but her mother didn't want an overly bright treatment her daughter would tire of quickly.

Greg Page A simple knotty pine desk and hutch, whitewashed so the knots show through, is decorated with a few delicate accents in watercolor tints.

The solution was to use romantic, subtle versions of the favored hues: porcelain pink, mauve, antique ivory and old gold.

The girl's existing furniture, simple whitewashed pine with a French country feeling, worked nicely in the space. A simple swagged fabric treatment makes the bed a focal point; a few special vintage pieces, such as the faux bamboo end table and the circus rocking horse, enhance the nostalgic ambience.

Delicate trompe l'oeil fairies, leaves and vines embellish the walls but with a subtle touch. This is a space she'll cherish, now and through the years.

If you do favor bolder colors, the decorating idea on the next page demonstrates how to use them gracefully.

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