Kids' Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Outlook: Cool and Sunny Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Naturally finished birch wood and a gently curved traditional design make this group a standout. The unit incorporates a computer desk. Manufacturer: PJ Kids.

Bright and light, hues of blue, green and yellow are kid-friendly favorites in just about any setting.

In these rooms, the appeal of an analogous blue/green/yellow scheme is set off by the warm natural wood tones of the furniture. Pieces with simple, graceful lines and comfortably rounded corners are always winners.

Kids everywhere throw clothes, toys, and what have you under the bed. A captain’s bed makes that habit a neat one. Manufacturer: PJ Kids.

The ones shown here are traditionally styled,

but it's possible to find "soft contemporary" pieces with a similar pleasing feeling. With colors this inviting, you may want to stick with solids, but stripes, checks and simple plaids are other popular choices for both boys and girls.

If and when your child's tastes change, you can change patterns and colors with ease. The basic furnishings will look just as great, whatever next year's look may be.

Changing colors is also the most inexpensive way to change decor, as seen in the decorating idea on the next page.

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