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Buying or selling a home is a big move and can be stressful. We have tips and in-depth articles on everything from mortgages to home equity loans.

A Realtor who is brought in to help sell a home is also known as a buyer’s agent. You can learn more about how Realtors serve homebuyers in this article.

While NACA’s goal is to provide financial assistance to lower-income Americans, there aren’t any income limitations for becoming a member. You can learn more about how to become a member of NACA by reading this article.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, the agent you use is legally obligated to serve your best interests. You can learn more about some tips for picking a Realtor in this article.

Eviction proceedings for tenants who don't pay rent can move pretty quickly. Learn how long a landlord has to evict you from this article.

Lenders give loans to prospective homeowners for a number of reasons.

An eviction has to follow a certain procedure, which includes a formal notification. Learn about the rules of the eviction process in this article.

Property management companies deal with rent collection and repairs, and help find tenants. Learn how property management companies help landlords in this article.

Property taxes are what help pay for local public services. Learn how property taxes are calculated in this article.

Your mortgage payment is only one part of your monthly outlay, and other expenses have to figure in to your total debt per month.

Property tax rates are based on the value of your land and your government's budget. Learn why your property tax was adjusted in this article.

Property taxes generally go toward public services. Learn how you can deduct your property taxes in this article.

Subprime mortgage rates can be higher than other interest rates. Learn what affects subprime mortgage rates in this article.

Subprime loans are meant for people with low credit ratings. Learn how subprime loans are put together in this article.

The subprime lending fiasco was caused by lenders, borrowers and unemployment rates. Learn who is to blame for the subprime lending fiasco in this article.

The Internet offers a plethora of real estate sites to help you in your house hunt. Learn if online house shopping really works in this article.

Moving a house is a delicate process. Learn more about what is involved in moving a house from this article.

Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to borrow money against their house. Learn why these loans are so popular among the elderly in this article.

A reverse mortgage is a loan you can borrow against your home without having to pay it back as long as you live there. Learn about the different kinds of reverse mortgages in this article.

Reverse mortgages can be a great way for seniors to translate their home equity into cash, but they have their downside too. Learn about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages in this article.

More than 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes. What do they know that the rest of us don't? Read on to find out the 10 advantages of a manufactured home.

Foreclosing on a home involves several steps, disclosures and legal filings. Much like a purchase, the process can be long and stressful. So how do these complex transactions leave the door open for fraud?

Slowly, the manufactured home is gaining respect. Could it be because the houses, with all their perks and benefits, are less expensive than traditional homes, too?

The mortgage crisis has forced many homeowners into foreclosure, and this comes with an added risk: Con artists use a variety of fraud schemes that target the people and lenders involved in foreclosure. What are some examples of this fraud?

A home inspection before you buy can save you a lot of money and grief. Learn if home inspections are really necessary from this article

Home inspections cover plumbing, foundation, construction and more. Learn more about what should be on a home inspection checklist from this article.