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Buying or selling a home is a big move and can be stressful. We have tips and in-depth articles on everything from mortgages to home equity loans.

Mortgages can become unbearable financial burdens. Learn how to manage your mortgage in a smart way in this article.

Listing agents help you find the right buyer for your house. Learn the best way to work with an agent in this article.

You can shop for pretty much anything online, including a new home. Find the best real estate Web sites in this article.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting and expensive experience. Learn how to figure out how much you can afford in this article.

Many factors contribute to a property's desirability. Find out what factors make a house’s location desirable in this article.

A buyer's agent helps you in your search for a new home. Learn the benefits of hiring a buyer’s agent in this article.

When purchasing a house, it’s best to use a buyer’s agent who looks out for your interests. Learn more about some tips for dealing with a buyer’s agent from this article.

You don't want to spend too much on a house, but you don't want to lose the house of your dreams either. Learn how to negotiate the price of a house from this article.

After viewing a dozen or more homes while shopping around for the perfect house, it’s hard to remember the details about each property. Learn about tips for viewing a house from this article.

While it’s not often that a buyer buys a house “sight unseen” over the Internet, you can learn useful information online about a property. Learn more about buying a house online from this article.

When you make an offer on a house, the actual amount of money you agree to put down is only one component of the offer; there are other considerations that should be voiced as well. Learn about tips for making an offer on a house from this article.

Before you buy a house, it's recommended that you always get a home inspection to weed out any problems. But the inspection doesn't cover everything, so you'll have to be a super sleuth yourself to expose potential issues.

You've discovered a great resort community and had a wonderful time. You'd love to go back whenever you want and enjoy a home there for years, maybe making money in the process. What are some tips for investing in a vacation home?

To those who enjoy the life of the city, a garden-level home is not just a dark basement dungeon: It's a whole new view of the world. But what should you look for if you're in the market for a garden-level property?

Myriad tax incentives exist at the local, state and federal levels to encourage responsible citizens to pony up the costs of upkeep on historic property. What are some tax benefits you could receive by owning one of these properties?

In the hangover following the crazy lending spree that led to the nation's credit crisis, the banks are sticking to strict standards when it comes to lending. In these tough times, can you afford a vacation home?

To apply for a mortgage you need to go to a lender, and the lender does a background check to assess your credit rating. Learn what you need when applying for a mortgage from this article.

The final stage in buying a home is the closing process. Learn what the closing process for a home sale is in this article.

Costs for buying a home go beyond the mortgage and down payment. Learn what the extra costs for buying a home are in this article.

A mortgage is a loan that uses your house as collateral. Learn where the lenders get their money in this article.

A short sale is accomplished when a bank accepts an offer lower than the amount owed by the homeowner, and this can lead to a deal for an investor.

You'll deal with a lot of different people in your quest to buy or sell a home: a realtor, inspector and lender. But the one who might have the most power over the outcome is the appraiser, and he just may be hiding something.

We wish it were as easy as putting a sign in your front yard and listing the house on the Internet, but selling your home is going to take a little bit more work than that. But you don't have to spend a ton of money to get it ready.

You're interested in purchasing property, but not just any property -- you want something historic. What are some important things to know before you start shopping for a historic property?

While the name might imply that a short sale is a quick transaction, it can be anything but. "Short" refers to the bank taking a loss on the property, not the amount of time it takes. So why do short sales take longer to close?