Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Castle Keep Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea

little boy’s bedroom
little boy’s bedroom
A room-height castle complete with whimsical guards makes this

If your youngster is blessed with a good-size bedroom and you've got a connection with some talented craftspeople, the sky's the limit when it comes to imaginative design.

A castle-style storage unit features lots of kid-size drawers plus cubbyholes for fast work of straightening up.

This lucky youngster's room is a total fantasy environment. It's practical, too: Just about every medieval castle element leads a double life as a storage unit.

To create a similar effect, a go­od understanding of the historical architectural icons that say "castle" is useful. This is, after all, a little boy's room, where bold and simple shapes work best.

Start with a big, kid-friendly idea, plan it out in detail, and you'll have a room memories are made of.

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