Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Fairy-Tale Forest Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea

A pretty, Gothic-style window gets the royal treatment, but the use of simple checked fabric keeps the mood light. Designer: Mark Wilkinson.

An encha­nted forest figures importantly in many beloved fairy tales, so it's no wonder stepping into this room evokes a magical feeling.

A glorious mural, depicting castles, mountains, wildflower fields and garland-twined trees, runs ceiling to floor around the entire room.

Against this background, an armoire out of Beauty and the Beast, a Goldilocks bed and other charming elements make this space a dream come true for an imaginative youngster.

A cottage-style chair cozies up to a well-made little vanity that’s pretty but not pretentious. A wicker hamper stashes dirty clothes in style.

The room has been decorated to please a girl, but, with a change of bedding, window treatments and rugs, it would work just as well for a budding Robin Hood.

Well-constructed wood furniture is key: It's got the timeless charm you'd expect to find in a storybook cottage, but it's sturdy enough for real life today.

Of course, a young boy also might prefer a classic racetrack theme. Find out how to execute this concept on the next page.

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