Toddler Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Garden Bright Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea

Bradley Olman The floral graphics are fun if subtle, but the pint-size armchairs really give this room its one-of-a-kind flair. Designer: Terri Ervin, INTERIORS by Decorating Den.

Fresh-picked charm abounds in this lively room, thanks to a lime and aqua color scheme that can please your girl for a long time.

With the exception of a few floral graphic treatments, this is not a flowery space. Plaids and checks in frisky tints create a look that's feminine but cool and sporty at the same time.

The room takes a casual tongue-in-cheek approach to garden style, with amusing results. A few giant flowers on the walls and floor, larger-than-life dragonflies at the window, and window boxes filled with whimsical wooden blooms set the stage with charm.

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playroom hideaway
Bradley Olman This large walk-in closet under the eaves makes a charming

A surprising mix of wicker and leather-upholstered furniture adds punch to this confident, cheerful space.

Active young girls might prefer the strong-but-feminine touches of the Girlhood Charms theme, found on the next page.

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