Home Improvement Tools

Any home improvement endeavor will be simpler with good home improvement tools and materials. Become familiar with home improvement tools and materials.

The final stage of hanging a drywall is sanding. Learn how to use a drywall sander in this article.

Nail guns are useful for many home projects and for carpentry work such as installing crown molding. Learn how to use a nail gun to install crown molding in this article.

Using a spindle sander will add a smooth finish to your projects. Learn more about how to use a spindle sander from this article.

Finding studs behind plaster walls can be a challenge. Learn how to use a stud finder on plaster walls in this article.

Instead of retiling your floor, you can simply replace any broken ceramic tiles with new ones using adhesive. This article will teach you how to use adhesives to repair ceramic tile.

Torque wrenches measure the torque force applied when fastening a bolt, but sometimes angle measurements are also necessary. Learn how to use an angular torque wrench in this article.

A coping saw is a handsaw used to make delicate cuts, especially in wooden moldings. Learn how to trim baseboard using a coping saw in this article.

Using a coping saw requires experience and skill. Learn how to use a coping saw from this article.

A drill press table can provide extra support when you’re working with big pieces of wood or metal. Learn about how to use a drill press table from this article.

Hardwood floors require periodic maintenance, and you can cut your maintenance costs by renting a drum sander and refinishing the floors yourself. Read this article to learn how to use a drum sander.

The combination of the voltage of your electric source and the amperage gives your plasma cutter its cutting power. Learn how to set the current of your plasma cutter in this article.

Crosscut saws are made of relatively soft steel, but the blades require frequent sharpening. Find out how to sharpen a crosscut saw from this article.

To tighten the blade on a circular saw, use a wrench to hold the arbor nut's flange in place as you turn the nut with a socket wrench. Learn how to tighten the blade on a circular saw in this article.

Torque wrenches are used to tighten bolts to a set level of pressure. Learn how to read a torque wrench in this article.

There are a number of precautions to follow when using a heat gun for reflow soldering. Learn more about reflow soldering with a heat gun from this article.

Lag screws are used to bear particularly heavy loads. Learn how to install lag screws in this article.

Some materials for crafts projects can be found right at home. Learn how to make white glue in this article.

Circular saw blades have to replaced when they get dull or when you switch the material you're cutting. Learn how to change circular saw blades in this article.

Coping saws are used for fine woodworking and cutouts. Learn how to change the blade on a coping saw in this article.

The best way to ensure that your crown moldings fit neatly and smoothly together is by constructing a coped joint. Find out how to cut crown molding with a coping saw from this article.

Plasma cutters use super-heated, ionized gas to melt through metal. Learn how to cut metal with a plasma cutter in this article.

Always take the proper safety precautions and use the right drill bit when you drill through glass. Learn about how to drill glass from this article.

Studs are the beams that frame your house and hold up your walls. Learn how to find a stud in a wall without using a stud finder in this article.

Many electric sanders use sandpaper discs that can be attached and removed just like Velcro. Learn more about hook-and-loop sandpaper in this article.

Micro-Mesh sandpaper is used to polish airplane windows and just about everything else. Learn about what Micro-Mesh sandpaper is used for from this article.