10 Things to Consider when Buying House Paint


What Your House Says About You

Remember, as long as you choose something your family loves, there is no wrong decision.
Remember, as long as you choose something your family loves, there is no wrong decision.

When you're looking for inspiration -- in magazines, on television or at friends' homes -- it's easy to start seeing some of the concepts and trends that make interior design such a dynamic business. It may seem like the whole world is using faux finishes, accent walls or this year's dramatic shade.

But remember: You're designing in a specific time and place (here and now), and you're designing the space where you're going to live for years. While some trends last for years, others can mark your space as outdated by the time next summer rolls around.

The important thing is finding your own aesthetic, something that speaks to you and your family. If that includes special paint or texture effects, or quirky or exotic touches, go for it. If you feel like you just might be following the herd, think about what your decisions will look like five years from now.

It may be hard to think outside the trend box sometimes, but remember this: A design aesthetic that's completely yours will always be timeless and classic. And as long as you're comfortable in your own home, there are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing paint.

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Most Abundant Man-made Material Is Cutting Its Carbon Footprint

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