10 Ways to Alter Your Existing Floor Plan


Transform One Room into Two

There are many different architectural approaches to homes these days. Some are designed with many small rooms, while others have fewer, larger rooms. In the latter case, homeowners may want to carve out a functional nook within a larger room, perhaps for a nursery or home office. You might also want to turn one large bedroom into two smaller ones for kids who are tired of sharing a room.

To convert one room into two, we suggest one of two approaches. The first is to build a permanent partition wall, which is any wall designed to separate a room (i.e., not a load-bearing wall). This is the more common method of dividing a room, and it is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project or a low-cost contractor job. The main consideration is re-routing of electrical lines, if necessary, which should be done by a licensed electrician.

The second option for transforming one room into two is by using a movable wall. This is a great way to partition off a space at certain times while allowing the flexibility to open it up at others. Moveable walls have been around a long time, but only recently have tracks and materials become highly operable and aesthetically pleasing. These days, homeowners interested in movable walls have a variety of options to choose from, including glass or other transparent materials [source: Garcia].