Appliance Repair

Appliance repair may be easier than you think. Check out step-by-step guides, diagrams and explanations for how to repair the appliances in your home.

How to Repair a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the few appliances in your home that runs continuously. On the rare occasion your refrigerator does stop working, you may face a high repair. Learn how to repair a refrigerator.

Your water heater isn't heating up the water properly, and you'd like to learn how to diagnose a water heater problem. Learn about how to diagnose a water heater problem in this article. See more »

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How to Repair Kitchen Equipment

Make your kitchen feel like new with our instructions on sharpening knives and scissors; fixing china, porcelain, and glass; making a polish for brass, silver, and copper; and making new potholders out of old towels. See more »

How To Repair Gas Furnaces

Aside from burning cleaner, gas furnaces have the advantage of being relatively easy to maintain. Most problems will involve the pilot light or thermocouple. Learn how to repair your gas furnace. See more »

How to Repair Small Appliances

Before you toss out that malfunctioning hair dryer, toaster, or other small appliance, make sure the problem isn't an easy one to fix. Learn troubleshooting tips for all types of small appliances. See more »

How to Repair a Washing Machine

Because washing machines do so many things, they may be harder to diagnose than they are to repair. But diagnosis is possible: All it takes is some patience. Learn how to repair a washing machine. See more »

How to Repair an Oven

Gas and electric ovens operate fairly simply, and they're usually easy to repair, mainly because the components are designed for quick disassembly. Learn how to service and repair gas and electric ovens. See more »