General Household Safety Tips

By following general household safety tips, you can ensure that your home is not a danger zone. Learn household safety tips.

What are common hazardous wastes in the home?

Did you know that there are differences in what the words "danger," "caution," "poison" and "warning" mean when they're printed on a consumer product? It's not up to the manufacturer to choose which word best goes with the design on the product label.

How to Protect Your Property from a Storm Surge

The deadliest aspect of a hurricane is the storm surge. So is there any way to protect your property from this powerful force?

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Meteorologists have hurricane prediction down to a science, so preparedness should be, too. Find out how to be ready if the big one's coming.

10 Must-haves in a Storm Survival Kit

Don't wait until there are storms in the forecast to get prepared. Gather the 10 must-have items for your storm survival kit now.

How do I find out the VOC content of paint?

The VOC content of paint is listed on the front of the can, but that number may not be telling the whole story.

How long does paint emit VOCs into the air?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can make you dizzy and give you a headache. How long will these gross gasses hang out after you're done painting?

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