Home Improvement Tools

Any home improvement endeavor will be simpler with good home improvement tools and materials. Become familiar with home improvement tools and materials.

Drilling holes in ceramic tiles can be tricky, and the tile can easily shatter. Learn what kind of drill bit you need for ceramic tiles in this article.

Putting up shelves or pictures might require boring holes into brick or concrete. Learn what kind of drill bits you need for brick or concrete in this article.

Woodwork requires special drill bits for hard and soft wood. Learn what kind of drill bits you need for wood in this article.

Carbide blades are a good choice when cutting through stucco. Learn about which kind of saber saw blade to use to cut stucco in this article.

Start with a fine grit of sandpaper when you're removing enamel paint from walls. Learn about which sandpaper grit to use for enamel paint on walls in this article.

Drill bits are made of different materials, and the type you need depends on the kind of job you need to do. Learn what type of drill bit you need for metal in this article.

Torque wrenches are precision tools used to measure the force applied when tightening a fastener. Learn if a torque wrench stops when it reaches its torque in this article.

Galvanized steel is regular steel coated in a thin layer of zinc. Learn whether galvanized steel wool rusts faster than regular steel wool in this article.

Needle pliers are multipurpose tools used by electricians, for arts and crafts projects and for various home repairs. Learn how needle-nose pliers are used in this article.

Coping saws are used for intricate woodwork. Learn how spiral coping saw blades are used in this article.

Finishing nails are used for the final touches in the home. Learn what the different sizes of finishing nails are in this article.

Angled needle-nose pliers have a bent tip that can access hard-to-reach places. Learn what you can use angled needle-nose pliers for in this article.

A torque screwdriver can resemble a regular screwdriver or an electric drill. Learn what a torque screwdriver looks like from this article.

Depending on the material you're sanding and the stage of the job, you'll be using sandpaper with differing grit. Learn about which grit sandpaper to use to remove swirls in this article.

A coping saw is a handsaw used for delicate tasks. Learn whether you can sharpen coping saw blades from this article.

There are many types of flat head screwdrivers. Find out more about flat head screwdrivers from this article.

Router bits can be used for drilling projects. Learn more about using router bits for a drill from this article.

Steel wool can catch fire easily, even when wet. Learn whether steel wool can catch fire in this article.

A very fine grade of sandpaper can really make metal shine. Learn about whether you can polish metal with sandpaper from this article.

You want to identify Masonite siding problems, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to identify Masonite siding problems in this article.

A saber saw is a popular and versatile tool that makes curved and straight cuts. Learn about how a saber saw makes straight cuts and curved cuts in this article.

You can sharpen steel circular saw blades yourself, but you'll have to get carbide-tipped blades sharpened by a professional. Learn whether circular saw blades can be sharpened in this article.

Universal drill bits are available to make light work of a range of jobs. Find out more about universal drill bits from this article.

You’ll need different types of drill bits depending on the material in which you want to make a hole. Find out about drill bits for glass cutting in this article.

Allen wrenches come in a wide range of sizes. Learn about allen wrench size charts from this article.