All-in-one products have been saving us time and money for decades. But new innovations now offer us even better ways to multitask. Read about some of the coolest all-in-one products in this section.

How Washer Dryer Combos Work

Washers and dryers are some of the most convenient modern appliances around, but they typically have one major disadvantage -- too much space. Washer dryer combos attempt to solve that problem, giving you clean clothes in one cycle.

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  • All-in-one Food Processor Quiz

    All-in-one Food Processor Quiz

    If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may already be familiar with this compact food prep miracle worker. If not, now is a good time to learn about the all-in-one food processor. See more »

  • How 3-in-1 Flashlights Work

    How 3-in-1 Flashlights Work

    A flashlight's a flashlight, right? Not so fast. Nowadays, manufacturers are making flashlights with laser pointers, tools, stun guns and all kinds of other gizmos to make your life easier. Now you just have to choose which one to buy. See more »

  • How 3-in-1 Jackets Work

    How 3-in-1 Jackets Work

    Layering is the best way to dress for unpredictable outdoor weather. 3-in-1 jackets combine waterproofing and insulation to provide the best protection against wetness and cold. See more »

  • How All-in-One Aquariums Work

    How All-in-One Aquariums Work

    Aquariums are both beautiful and relaxing to behold, so why is it so hard to build one? If you have an all-in-one aquarium, however, chances are that it won't be as difficult as you'd think. See more »

  • How All-in-One Car Seats Work

    How All-in-One Car Seats Work

    When you climb into your car, you click your seat belt into place and know that you're protected in the event of an accident. But when it comes to protecting your infant or young child, you need an all-in-one car seat. These complex appliances are a must-have. See more »

  • How All-in-one Exercise Equipment Works

    How All-in-one Exercise Equipment Works

    You could fork over the cash for a regular monthly gym membership to get in shape, but would you really use it? You could tone up with your own all-in-one system at home. See more »

  • How All-in-one Food Processors Work

    How All-in-one Food Processors Work

    A lion in the kitchen, an all-in-one food processor does the job of several hands and utensils in a lot less time. Here's a quick guide to this powerful appliance. See more »

  • How All-In-One Home Theaters Work

    How All-In-One Home Theaters Work

    With the constant advances in home theater technology comes a whole slew of new information as we learn to use our devices to the fullest. Can an all-in-one system save your sanity, or is it a bad investment? See more »

  • How All-in-one Instant Messenger Works

    How All-in-one Instant Messenger Works

    Instant messaging is a handy tool, both for fun and for work -- but most of the competing IM services are incompatible. How can one program manage them all? See more »

  • How Combination Game Tables Work

    How Combination Game Tables Work

    If you want to show off your billiard skills, but your kids want to play air hockey and table tennis, then a combination game table may be just what you need. How do these tables work? See more »

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