Stain Removal

Stain removal techniques can vary drastically depending on the type of stain and the stained surface. Learn stain removal techniques.

Regularly removing baby-related stains can be time-consuming and difficult without useful tips. Learn how to treat a variety of baby-related stains.

Chemical stains require swift action to prevent permanent marks. Learn how to treat chemical stains such as chlorine, insecticide and ammonia.

Dirt, mud and yard stains might be the marks of an outdoor life, but they can ruin clothing. Learn how to remove dirt, mud and yard stains.

Food stains are enough to ruin even the best meal. Learn how to remove an array of food stains from a wide variety of surfaces and materials.

Stain removal tips help get rid of inevitable stains. Learn general stain removal tips and discover on-hand stain removers.

Glue and adhesive stains can be a truly sticky situation. Learn how to remove glue and adhesive stains from many different materials.

Treating ink stains can be difficult and must be done quickly. Learn how to remove or minimize ink stains, felt tip ink stains and red ink stains.

Make-up stains can make you blush with embarrassment. Learn how to treat and remove make-up stains ranging from foundation to eyeliner to nail polish.

Paint and varnish stains are a hazard of home repair and maintenance. Learn how to remove paint and varnish stains.

Personal care product stains can turn a fresh look into a nightmare. Learn how to remove personal care product stains.

Wax-based stains can sometimes be removed by freezing, then scraping, the stain. Learn how to properly treat candle wax, crayon and other wax-based stains.

Other stains may not fall into a neat category but they still happen. Learn how to remove liquor stains, blood stains, mildew stains and other stains.