Lawn and Garden

Yard and lawn care is an important part of maintaining a home. Learn about landscaping and get yard tips and advice from the experts at HowStuffWorks.

Bougainvilleas are beautiful, hearty plants that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Learn about how to grow bougainvilleas in this article.

Whether you're an amateur gardener or an experienced horticulturalist, you can have a flourishing grapevine in your garden. Learn about how to grow grapes in this article.

A bit of advance planning can cut down on the amount of upkeep your yard requires. Learn what to consider when planning a low-maintenance garden in this article.

Unlike traditional surface irrigation techniques, drip irrigation provides water directly to the roots of plants. You can learn more about drip irrigation from this article.

Riding mowers are ideal for larger lawns -- anything over half an acre. You can learn more about riding mowers from this article.

You can plant a pine tree from a seed or from a sapling. Learn how to plant a pine tree in this article.

It's autumn. The leaves are turning colors and falling, and it's time to start bagging those leaves! Learn how to make bagging autumn leaves easier in this article.

You'd like to learn how to store your canna lily bulbs for next year. Here's how to store canna bulbs.

You'd like to plant a peach seed in your garden, but you don't know how. Learn how to plant a peach seed in this article.

If you know how to grow sugar beets you'll always have a good source of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins. Read this article and get more information about how to grow sugar beets.

You planted a nectarine tree, and you now need to learn how to prune it. This article will tell you how to prune nectarine trees.

You have creepy, flying gnats on your plants, and you'd like to learn how to get rid of them. Here's how to get rid of gnats in your houseplants.

Over the last few years, ideas for garden decorations have multiplied and expanded to include everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. Learn how you can get creative with your garden decorations from this article.

Learning how to blow out your sprinkler system will protect your irrigation system before the winter so that it's still working come spring. Learn about how to blow out a sprinkler system in this article.

You can have a garden even if you have limited space, if you learn how to build a vertical garden. Learn about how to build a vertical garden in this article.

You bought a calathea plant, and now have to learn how to care for it. Learn about how to care for a calathea plant in this article.

You bought some bamboo plants to decorate your home, and now realize that you don't know how to care for them. Learn about how to care for bamboo plants this article.

According to the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the pansy is most certainly not delicate. Learn more about pansies from this article.

Landscaping can be expensive, but costs don’t need to be excessive if you plan ahead and do it yourself as much as possible. Get ideas for cutting landscaping costs in this article.

Arborists are especially trained to know when, why and how to remove branches from trees. Find out if you should pay someone to trim your trees in this article.

Winter doesn't have to mean an empty and dead-looking garden. Learn more about plants that thrive in winter in this article.

There's no reason to let your garden freeze when winter hits. Some vegetable plants, trees and flowers thrive in the chill and can liven up the icy tundra that your landscape has become. Learn more about planting winter vegetables from the following article.

If you live in the western parts of the U.S., the hot, dry conditions shouldn't stop you from having a colorful yard. Learn about the annuals you can plant for a hot-weather garden in this article.

Popular annuals found around the southeastern states of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida include petunias, marigolds and zinnias. Learn about annuals that thrive in the Southeast from this article.

Landscaping can upgrade a plot of land into a beautiful area for relaxation and enjoyment; however, you need to know what exactly is allowed in your municipality. Learn about the zoning laws that can affect urban landscape design in this article.