Herbs are a great way to spice up a meal - with the help of your own back yard. Learn all about herbs and herb gardens.

Artemisia, Wormwood

Artemisias, or wormwoods, are rugged perennials that are usually selected for their silvery foliage. Size ranges from four inches to over four feet. Learn how to grow this shrublike herb.

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You'd like to learn how to grow herbs. This article will teach you how to grow herbs. See more »

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Spearmint, a flavor known to most, is a great perennial herb. It spreads rapidly and adds great texture to the fragrant garden. The toothed, rich green leaves of this perennial give off a wonderful aroma when rubbed. Learn more. See more »


Calamint is a perennial herb. It produces tiny white or lilac flowers in late summer and fall and loves the sun. Great for the scented garden, it also attracts the attention of the local bee population. Learn about this lovely mint. See more »


Dill is a wonderfully versatile annual that is both beautiful and edible. The feathery foliage and yellow flowers are both distinctively decorative and quite tasty. Read about caring for dill. See more »