Energy Efficient Appliances

Installing energy efficient appliances is a simple way to decrease your home's environmental impact. Learn about how they help make your home more green with these articles.

What are solar air heaters?

In today's economy, with rising fuel prices and dwindling resources, homeowners are looking for ways to save money wherever they can. And some are taking a lesson from the 1970s and turning to solar power to heat their homes.

5 Ways to Fill Your Freezer for Efficiency

Here are a few ideas to help you give your old wooden furniture a facelift. Learn more about these 5 ways to give your old wooden furniture a new life.

Washing machines clean dirty laundry, but they need to be cleaned, as well, from time to time. Learn how to clean a washing machine in this article.

Are high-efficiency washers worth the expense?

The price tags on some of the newer high-efficiency washing machines might cause you to hesitate. But if you look at the costs of running a washer over the long haul, something that uses less energy becomes a bit more appealing.

How does design affect a dryer's energy efficiency?

It's hard not to love the warm feeling of soft, puffy clothes straight from the dryer. But clothes dryers are energy hogs, and it takes a lot of heat to get your shirts that way. Does the type of machine you use make a difference?

Top 5 High-efficiency (HE) Detergents

If you have a high-efficiency washing machine, you'll need high-efficiency detergent -- or else you might find a mountain of suds in your laundry room. Which brands are available?

Are washer/dryer combination machines energy efficient?

Washer/dryer combinations are compact and convenient for small spaces, eliminating the need for two separate machines. But are they really as energy efficient as they seem?

Gas vs. Electric: Which dryer is more energy efficient?

Buying a new household appliance is usually a long-term investment, whether you're replacing an old unit or setting up home for the first time. Before you buy a clothes dryer, though, you need to understand the difference between the two types that are most commonly available: gas and electric.

What are 'high-efficiency' dryers?

Your clothes dryer is one of the highest energy-consuming appliances in your home. But even with all the energy-saving appliances on the market today, do high-efficiency dryers exist?

Is it better to replace my washing machine or repair it?

Should you replace your washing machine or repair it? The answer would be obvious if it were something less price like a toaster. But we can help you reach a sound decision.

How do washing machines get clothes clean?

Washing machines make the work of getting your clothes clean so much easier than laundering them by hand. How do these machines mix duds and suds so effectively?