House Plants

House plants bring the fresh beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Learn about different kinds of house plants and how to care for them.


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The schefflera is an easy house plant. Growers often plant multiple trees in one pot to fill it out. Learn how to grow schefflera at HowStuffWorks.

Flamingo Flower

The flamingo flower comes in many varieties and, under good conditions, produces large, colorful, heart-shaped flowers year-round. Learn more about growing and caring for the flamingo flower in this article.

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island pine makes a wonderful indoor Christmas tree for those looking to spruce up their homes for the holidays. Learn more about growing the Norfolk Island pine tree in this article.

Aloe Medicine Plant

The sap of the aloe medicine plant offers a soothing remedy for sunburns and other skin irritations. Learn more about growing and using this handy house plant in this article.


Hoya, also known as wax plant and porcelain flower has fragrant starlike flowers borne in thick clusters. It is very easy to care for but may take a few years to bloom well. Read more.

Christmas Kalanchoe

Christmas kalanchoe has glossy green succulent leaves and thick clusters of red, pink, yellow, or orange flowers. It is a demanding house plant but the flowers can last for months. Read about its care.

Living Stones

Living stones mimic the rocks that are their natural habitat. Learn about this unusual house plant, its flowers, and how to grow it.

Pincushion Cactus

Pincushion cactus is one of the few demanding cacti. It usually grows in clusters of ball-shaped plants, each covered in spines or white wool. Read about its flowers and how to make it thrive.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plant, or rabbit tracks, is known for folding up its leaves at night. They are oval and marked with red veins -- much more decorative than its flowers. Read about this easy house plant.

Sensitive Plant

Sensitive plant, also known as touch-me-not and humbleplant, is a demanding house plant with leaves that fold up when touched. It is fast-growing and regularly bears fluffy, ball-shaped pink flowers. Read about its care.

How to Care for House Plants

House plants can fill your home with the color and beauty of the outside. This extensive article covers all aspects of house plant care, including lighting, watering, temperature, fertilizing and preventing diseases and pests.

Florist's Gloxina

Florist's gloxina has soft, u-shaped flowers in rich colors. When flowers stop growing, rather than tossing out the plant, withhold water. Learn how long it takes for blooms to return.

Jerusalem Cherry

Jerusalem cherry grows fruit that begin green and develop into a deep red to make up for its unremarkable flowers. Aggressive pruning annually helps it last. Discover where to display it.

Baby Tears Plant

Baby tears plant looks good draping out of its container but can also maintain a moundlike shape with pinching. It does well in humid climes but prefers well-circulated air. Learn why to use it in a terrarium.

Peace Lily

Peace lily, or spathe flower, is the not-so-constant gardener's dream. Very easy to care for, it can grow with little light exposure. Learn why it looks great even when not flowering.


Streptocarpus has a unique texture to its leaves and bears flowers directly out of its leaves. Although it does not like summertime, it blooms regularly given right conditions. Learn when to prune leaves.

Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead vine grows on a trellis or drapes nicely from suspended pots. Leaves often have streaks of color and actually turn palmate with the passing of time. Learn more about its water requirements.

Air Plant

Air plant completely changes color when in bloom. Most of its varieties sprout silver or green leaves. Because it doesn't have many roots, submerge it when watering. Learn more about unique display options.

Piggyback Plant

Piggyback plant has bright green leaves in the shape of hearts, each of which makes a baby plant. Be sure to keep its environment well-circulated in summertime. Learn the different reproduction methods for piggyback plant.

Wandering Jew Plant

Wandering Jew plant is related to spiderwort, obvious with its stems that trail and pointy leaves. Leaves, striped on top, have burgundy bottoms. Learn how to keep them looking their best.


Cissus, or grape ivy, is a climbing plant with shiny, compound leaves. They are relatively easy to grow and thrive when subjected to harsh pruning. Read about how to care for this plant.

Calamondin Orange

Calamondin orange is a close relative of the true orange and a decorative house plant, which grows very bitter fruit. Read about caring for this demanding plant and learn which pests to look out for.

Kafir Lily

Kafir lily is a large house plant with bright orange to yellow flowers that bloom in late winter or spring. Read about this easy-to-care-for plant and learn how to make the most of it.


Crotons are highly valued for their bright, multicolored foliage. However, insufficient light may cause them to pale and even drop their leaves. Read more about this house plant and its care.

Ti Plant

Ti plant is a demanding but extremely colorful house plant. The lance-shaped leaves are green with red, cream, or bright pink streaks. Read how to easily propagate this plant and to further care for it.