Garden Design

Garden design should be one of your first considerations in planning a garden since it lends style and cohesion to a collection of plants. Find out what goes into designing a garden with these articles.


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10 Tips for the Best Container Garden on the Block

Whether you have acres of land or a small balcony in the city, container gardens can be a beautiful and practical way to enliven your outdoor spaces. To watch your garden grow with success, follow these 10 tips.

10 Most Unusual Flowers

Flowers are a matter of pride for gardeners, a means of expression for lovers and they play a role in some of our most joyous and somber societal rituals. But not all flowers are bright colors and perfumed scents. Some are quite unusual.

10 Impossible-to-kill Plants

Anyone who complains about having a brown thumb may simply be choosing the wrong plants to grow. Some plants are exceedingly sensitive and temperamental. But there are some plants that even the worst gardener would have a hard time getting rid of.

10 Greenhouses Around the World

Most cacti enjoy dry, hot environments, while orchids thrive in humid, tropical locales. Every plant has its ideal growing conditions, but sometimes Mother Nature does not cooperate. That's where man and greenhouses enter the picture.

10 Ways to Zen Your Garden

In this hectic world, everyone is looking to add a little Zen to their lives. Japanese-influenced gardens are a great way to turn your backyard into a calming slice of the Far East. From sand to moss and rock, we'll walk you through our Zen garden.

5 Ways to Green Your Garden

Greening your garden is not just about having the lushest lawn or the most vibrant rosebushes in the neighborhood. It's about having a garden you can enjoy that's also sustainable. But what's the big deal about going green anyway?

10 Ways to Winterize Your Garden

Wintertime can bring to mind a frost-covered landscape, blustering winds and snow flurries. And for all its beauty, this time of year can also wreak havoc in the garden. Protect your landscape from the harsh reality of winter.

Famous Gardens Pictures

Have you ever visited a famous garden? Gardens both big and small have the ability to awe nature-lovers with their dedication to beauty and tranquility. Check out our amazing album of famous gardens.

How to Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Creating a backyard wildlife habitat is a rewarding project for nature lovers. However, they might be surprised to find that making a home for neighborhood critters is as easy as it is worthwhile.

Ultimate Guide to Topiary

You may think of a land full of leafy green elephants when you hear the word "topiary," but you can train and shape plants in own back yard -- or even on your office desk.

What's the difference between bonsai and topiary?

Whatever their medium, artists have been known to use any available resource in order to create a masterpiece. So what if they used nature not only as inspiration, but as instrument?

Ultimate Guide to Guerrilla Gardening

As you head to work, you notice that the nearby vacant lot has become a utopian garden overnight. Did biblical forces create this urban Eden, or was it the handiwork of guerrilla gardeners?

What is edible landscaping?

Forget those boring plots of fruits and veggies. Why sacrifice aesthetic appeal when growing your own food? Border your garden with lettuce, use mint as ground cover and encourage your kiwi vines to climb trellises.

If I plant trees in my yard, will it offset global warming?

Planting a few trees in your yard certainly won't obliterate your entire carbon footprint. But it could cut your energy costs. How much carbon dioxide does the average tree absorb?

Will victory gardens help us beat high food prices?

What if you could shop for fruits and veggies in your own backyard? Not only would it save you a trip to the grocery store, it might save you some cash. How much?

How to Start a Community Garden

Gardens have lots of benefits, but what if you don't have any land to start your own? If you're strapped for green space, a community garden might be the answer.

10 Japanese-style Gardens

Since the 6th century, Japanese gardeners have been creating green spaces that focus less on perennials and peonies and more on meditation and peace of mind.

What is container gardening?

When you spend all day in a cubicle, the idea of a lush green paradise of plants sounds like wishful thinking. But container gardening just might do the trick.

How Butterfly Gardens Work

What has bright, blooming flowers and a sea of flapping wings? A butterfly garden. Planting one will help you to attract and conserve these winged beauties.

HowStuffWorks Answers Your Gardening Questions

HowStuffWorks answers your gardening questions. From planting to maintenance, you can create a gorgeous landscape. You don't have to have a PhD in agriculture, but you should be aware of what will guarantee you success. Find out how to cultivate your land.

Foliage Garden Ideas

Let leaves take centerstage in a lush, lovely foliage garden -- no flowers need apply. Foliage carries a garden through the seasons, long after the flowers have faded to a memory. Use our foliage garden ideas and garden photos to get inspired!

Water Garden Ideas

In a garden, water can inspire with its intensity or soothe with its stillness. Water gardening can be fitted to many different places and spaces. Find water garden ideas and beautiful photos in this article.

Rock Garden Ideas

Recreate a stunning natural scene in your garden with these rock garden ideas. The dainty scale of the plants allows for great versatility in design, adapting to just about any size the grower desires. See great ideas and dazzling photos of rock gard

Fragrant Garden Ideas

Delight two senses when you choose fragrant blossoms and foliage for your garden! Fragrance adds an ineffable, almost magical quality to a planting scheme, enhancing the beauty of the flowers. See our fragrant garden ideas.

Traditional Shade Garden Ideas

The shady areas of your garden can be just as lovely as the sunny ones. It is possible to get a lovely display of flowers even from a small plot on the north side of a building. Explore traditional shade garden ideas and photos in this article.