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For some this is the fun part, for others deciding what color to paint, or where to put the couch is as stressful as going to the dentist. Either way HowStuffWorks has got you covered with tips, tricks and cold compresses.

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5 Frightfully Simple Ways to Halloween-ify Your Entryway

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to scare much time or money out of you. A few eye-catching pieces around your front door area are all you need to tantalize and terrorize trick-or-treaters.

How to Preserve Flowers

If you know how to preserve your flowers, they can last well into the winter months. Learn about how to preserve flowers in this article.

How to Press Flowers

When you know how to press flowers you can save the beauty of summer in a picture frame. Learn about how to press flowers in this article.

How to Make Potpourri

It's easy to learn how to make potpourri and add fragrance to any room or closet. Learn how to make potpourri in this article.

How to Choose Speakers for a Bedroom

Would you like to know how to choose a new set of speakers for your bedroom? This article will help you learn how to choose speakers for a bedroom.

How to Make a Christmas Cactus Bloom

The Christmas cactus makes a wonderful houseplant for even the least experienced gardener. Learn about how to make a Christmas cactus bloom in this article.

How to Fold Napkins

Your boss is coming to dinner next week and you want to impress him with fancy folded table napkins. Here are two ways to fold napkins.

How to Decorate Ceramics

Your child has been busy making ceramic crafts at day camp and now you'd like to teach her how to decorate them. Read here for some ideas about how to decorate ceramics.

Is gray the new neutral?

Neutral colors used to be all about white and beige. Now, due to ever-changing trends in home decor, gray is considered a neutral color. Pair it with bright accents to really make a statement, and you could have a room straight out of a magazine.

How to Tarnish Copper

Did you ever wonder how to tarnish copper to give a copper urn an antique look? This article shows you how to tarnish copper.

Is it possible to make tiny home offices out of closets?

It's possible to make tiny home offices out of closets simply by reconfiguring the doors, adding a small desk and using space wisely. Find out whether it's possible to make tiny home offices out of closets in this article.

5 Cool Thrift Store Finds -- What to Look For and What's a Good Deal

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of household goods -- if you know what to look for. These five items on our list can be purchased fairly inexpensively and turned into something your family can enjoy for generations.

How to Decorate a Living Room for Christmas

It's that time of year again and you're looking for creative ideas for decorating your living room for Christmas. Read here for some suggestions about how to decorate a living room for Christmas.

How to Design a Mirror

You want to design a mirror, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to design a mirror in this article.

How to Make Painted Furniture Look Old

You want to make painted furniture look old, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make painted furniture look old in this article.

5 Big Bang Backyard Decor Ideas for the Fourth of July

Having a bash to celebrate the Fourth of July? You don't have to break the bank to get a big bang from your decorations. Check out these tips to help you make the most of your Independence Day party.

5 Tween Design Upgrades: Making the Switch from Kid to Tween Room

The start of middle school is a common time for children to redecorate their rooms to reflect their maturing personalities and tastes. If your son or daughter is ready for a new space to call his or her own, check out our tips for making the switch from kid room to tween room.

Bye Bye Beige! Top 5 Colors to Add to Your Decor

Sure, beige is a lovely color. But to achieve emotion and style through color itself, you typically need go with something a bit more, well, colorful. What are five of the most popular, interesting and of-the-moment colors to introduce in your abode?

How do you create a home office in a small room?

To create a home office in a small room, minimize furniture, maximize wall space, prioritize your hardware, and "build up." Learn how to create a home office in a small room in this article.

How to Design a Sewing Room

Sewing is a hard craft to manage if you're stuck in the corner of a room or can only spread out on the dining room table. If you have your own sewing room, you can put everything in its place and create to your heart's content.

10 High-tech Media Room Ideas

Watching a movie no longer means schlepping to the theater and paying exorbitant amounts for your ticket and tub of popcorn. Now, you can set up your own media room and get the same experience -- with a lot more convenience!

10 Ideas for a Reading and Writing Room

If you work at home, then you probably already know how valuable a dedicated office is. But if you want a room for only reading and writing, then you have to get rid of even more distractions. We'll show you how.

How to Create a Meditation Room

If you have a high-stress job or the pressure of life just seems too much sometimes, a meditation room may be just what you need. But it's pointless if you don't have a room designated to relax.

How to Make Your Own Photography Dark Room

Whether photography is a hobby, a passion, or a career, it's pretty easy to create your own dark room. This advice can have you developing your own memories in no time.

How to Soundproof a Room

Silence is golden! But to your husband watching a movie or your son practicing his drums, the louder the better. To lessen the noise level and finally get some peace, consider soundproofing.