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For some this is the fun part, for others deciding what color to paint, or where to put the couch is as stressful as going to the dentist. Either way HowStuffWorks has got you covered with tips, tricks and cold compresses.

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How to Soundproof a Room

Silence is golden! But to your husband watching a movie or your son practicing his drums, the louder the better. To lessen the noise level and finally get some peace, consider soundproofing.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Office

Working from home can be an awesome thing with many conveniences. But if you're toddler is constantly barging in or your spouse asks a million questions, then it's time for you to move into your own office -- with your own door.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Exercise Room

If you have a spare bedroom that's sitting empty just screaming for a purpose, why not turn it into an exercise room? That way, you get the convenience of a gym without the people to watch you sweat!

How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Craft Room

If your dining room table has been taken over by your crafting and your spare bedroom is collecting dust, then it's time to merge the two for the greater good. Your family (and your crafting) will thank you.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Sewing Room

Every sewer knows that space to spread out and work can be invaluable, and your dining room table just isn't cutting it any more. So, where do you go? We bet you've got a rarely-used bedroom just screaming for a sewing set up.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Home Theater

Have you always wanted your own home theater but never thought you had the space to set one up? Well, you may have to downsize from your dream screen, but an unused spare bedroom is a great choice for your movie-watching mecca.

5 Ways to Ditch the Bedroom -- but Keep the Bed

Don't let your underused guest room gather dust: Put it to good use! Whether you're a crafter, a reader or a yoga junkie, that space can serve a great purpose for you and your family.

How to Make a Duvet Cover

It's not hard to learn how to make a duvet cover. Learn how to make a duvet cover in this article.

How to Decorate a Half Bath

If your half bath looks drab, boring, or utilitarian, why not decorate it and make it come alive? Read this article to learn how to decorate a half bath.

10 Amazing Game Room Ideas

If you have a space in your home that's used once a year and a family that likes to play and have fun, then a game room is calling your name. These ideas will get you started on the road to family fun.

10 Great Craft Room Ideas

Does your husband have a man cave? Do your children take over the family room? Where do you go to relax and work on your favorite projects? If you don't have a dedicated space, then it's time to create a craft room.

5 Scrapbook Room Ideas

Admit it: Once the dinner is done and the dishes have been put away, you spread out on the dining room table to finally start scrapbooking. Wouldn't it be so much nicer if you had a dedicated space to do it? We can show you how to get it.

10 Summer Decorating Ideas

In a perfect world, we'd close up our suburban ranches in June and head to the coast for the entire summer. But most of us don't have beach houses, so we opt to bring summer flavor to our humble abodes with cool, clever and stylish decor. These 10 ideas will inspire you.

How to Make Christmas Ornaments Out of Paper

You want to make Christmas ornaments out of paper, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make Christmas ornaments out of paper in this article.

How to Make Light Bulb Ornaments

You want to make light bulb ornaments, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make light bulb ornaments in this article.

How to Build Deer Antler Lamps

Bring the look of the outdoors into your home by building a deer antler lamp. Learn about how to build deer antler lamps in this article.

How to Build a Key Holder

You want to give your friend a housewarming gift and thought it would be nice to build a key holder. Learn how to build a key holder in this article.

What does your house's scent say about you?

The curb appeal of your house could be the best on the block, but if your guests are greeted by the stench of rotting food when they enter the door, they probably won't come back. Do yourself and your friends a favor: Make your home smell good.

How to Bring Your Vacation Home With You

Going shopping on vacation can be tricky. You want some mementos to display in your house to remind you of your trip, but you don't want plastic junk from the beachside surf shop, either. Let us help you bring your vacation home -- the right way.

What is your decorating personality?

Are you a country girl by nature, or do you prefer the contemporary lines of low furniture? Everyone has a decorating personality-- you just have to figure out what yours is.

Can coastal decor work for inland homes?

Whether you live in the heart of the Midwest or nestled in the Rocky Mountains, going coastal in your decor can help brighten up those cold winter days. Don't be afraid of boats and dinghies; embrace them and bring the beach home.

How to Set a Table Properly

You want to help your daughter in her new home by making her some pillowcases. Learn here how to make a pillowcase.

Are wall mount bathroom faucets right for you?

Back in vogue, wall-mount bathroom faucets will give you more room to maneuver and a lot more counter space for your stuff. Everybody dance now!

What is the cost of a leaky shower head?

You've probably heard the sound coming from your bathtub before -- drip, drip,drip. How much money will you lose down the drain if you have a leaky showerhead?

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

If you've ventured up and down the faucet aisle of your local home improvement store lately, you may have been so overwhelmed with the choices that you turned and walked out empty-handed. Let us break it down for you.