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For some this is the fun part, for others deciding what color to paint, or where to put the couch is as stressful as going to the dentist. Either way HowStuffWorks has got you covered with tips, tricks and cold compresses.

The latest (and most fun) looks for your child’s playroom!

Get your home summer ready with easy, breezy summer décor updates

A quick look around the house will offer many items that can be turned into delightful gifts.

Easy and delicious treats using the season's favorite flavors.

A few small updates can have a big impact on your home’s appearance.

A quick look around the house is likely to turn up many decorating treasures that you might not have expected.

The fall harvest brings a bounty of home décor ideas.

Shabby chic is a design style that celebrates the unique beauty in imperfection. It's about blending a light color palate with distressed surfaces or objects that hint at a more genteel past.

Why is it that when we set out to update a room sometimes it just doesn't quite hit the mark? Yes, we can be proud of the new window treatments and the couch has some smart new pillows, but it still has a time-worn feel

Our closets are most often overlooked as an area where we can incorporate styling and decor. Check out this post by Doug Wilson to learn about organizing and decorating your closets.

July 4th is over and we have celebrated yet another year Independence! We have decorated to the hilt with Red White and Blue so we probably need to change up our summer entertaining decor.

Summer has hit, so let's live it up stylishly in our backyards!

Your baby's nursery may be showing signs of neutral colors and safe decorating choices. As the spring season descends, punch up the décor with some seasonal offerings.

Your child may be outgrowing the nursery feel of his or her bedroom, so while you're thinking of ways to grow it up, consider ways to spring it up, too.

As you go through your home and replace winter accessories for lighter choices in honor of the coming spring, don't forget your tween's room. It needs some fun, bright changes, too.

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to scare much time or money out of you. A few eye-catching pieces around your front door area are all you need to tantalize and terrorize trick-or-treaters.

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Neutral colors used to be all about white and beige. Now, due to ever-changing trends in home decor, gray is considered a neutral color. Pair it with bright accents to really make a statement, and you could have a room straight out of a magazine.

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